The theatre company “diplous Eros” was founded in 1983 by Michael Marmarinos.
It is a theatre company with a researching character concerning the search of a theatre semiotics. In 2003 “diplous Eros” was renamed to “Theseum Ensemble”
The legal form of the company is Non Profit Company.
The main members are:

Michael Marmarinos: biologist, director, actor
Amalia Moutoussi: actress
Dimitris Kamarotos: composer, musicologist
Eleni Petassi: journalist, theatre critic
Rena Andreadaki: theatre scientist, actress

Theseum Ensemble is based in Athens and the main venue of its performances since 1997 is “Theseum, A THEATRE FOR THE ARTS”, 7 Tournavitou St., Psirri.
( A preservable building that used to be a storehouse for wood since the beginning of the century).